WORKSHOP DAGLI STATES, DAL POP AL COUNTRY: Il canto pop, compresi gli stili del pop, del rock, del jazz, del soul e del country


11-10-2019 - 14:10

Most vocal training in colleges and universities teach classical voice pedagogy as used in opera and choir vocal styles.  American pop singing is widely sung and enjoyed around the world, even though these numerous styles and modes of production are not typically taught at the higher educational levels. Therefore many trained voice teachers are unfamiliar with the ingredients and production of these styles.  
In this workshop, Ms. Popeil will be exploring several of the most common commerical vocal styles including Pop, R&B, Rock, Jazz, Musical Theater, and Country.  Using samples and live demonstrations, some ingredients of these styles will be compared including vocal registers, resonance characteristics,  resonator shaping, larynx heights, vocal fold closures, and phrasing.