Discorso del presidente onorario, Joseph Schlomicher-Thier


10-10-2019 - 09:15

"Il medico della voce come Networker o come lupo solitario dietro le sette colline?"

Professional singers typically work under circumstances of physical and emotional stress. The physical Stressors consists of  much traveling, late-night working hours, the unpredictability of venues, lack of sleep, and irregular diet. Emotional stressors inncludes : constant competition, lack of financial security, strained interpersonal conflicts. There is oftern the situation of complaining of hoarseness, but with a background of recent transatlantic travel, jet lag, the stress of a recent indifferent performance and a body full of ingested and injected medications from various well-meaning physicians in other cities,with  poor medical reviews.Therefore a worldwide network of of Voice–doctors and Therapists with high competence and secrecy like in the Collegium medicorum Theatrie and other Cooperations are very important to give a trusting support to the Singers in cooperation with the collegues in the international aria.