Letture magistrali di Philippe Dejonckere


21-11-2013 - 11:10

1) Analisi della "messa di voce" con videokimografia
2) La formante del cantante nei diversi stili di canto

The singer’s formant is widely used in western operatic singing, as well for enhancing acoustic power as for esthetic purposes. It is unclear whether the singing formant is actually a question of singing style, or just reflects a higher education in singing. Acoustic characteristics of singing formant were investigated on sustained vowels, sung with expression on a standard pitch of 220 Hz, mf and f. Subjects were 10 male professional classic singers and 10 male professional jazz singers, with a comparable high level of musical and vocal education. The ‘singing power ratio’ (Omori, 1996) was computed for all sung emissions. Blind perceptual rating was also achieved by 3 experts. The magnitude of singer’s formant is clearly lower in professional jazz male singers than in classic opera singers, particularly in the mf condition. It may be concluded that the singing style and its specific conditions is more important than the level of singing education for eliciting or not a singer’s formant.